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Make-Up Touch Up Tips

Even the most carefully applied, longest lasting makeup will inevitably crumble by the end of a long work day. Reviving that “freshly applied” look you began the day with calls for some foolproof touch-up tips. So here are the down and dirty quick fixes to keep you looking your best with minimal stress and lots of style!


  • Completely remove all of your lipstick and lip liner (don’t just blot). You want a fresh application to go with your rejuvenated make-up. Apply a light layer of moisturizer to soften and smooth your lips while you touch up the rest of your face.
  • If things look messy or dark under the eyes, use a Q-Tip with a Magic Drops or a little moisturizer to clean the area.  Yes, I said moisturizer – it works great for quick clean-ups and won’t break down the makeup we’re going to apply over it.
  • If your eye-shadow has creased or eyeliner has run, blot the area gently with a tissue, then use a soft eye shadow brush or sponge to smooth out the remaining color. Apply a little No Colour Powder over the area to catch any excess oil and then reapply your eye shadow and liner as needed to make your eye makeup look fresh again.
  • If you have oily skin, mop up the excess by wrapping a blotting tissue over a make up sponge and press it lightly over the shiny areas on your face.  Make sure to do this before you go to the next step or you’ll end up with a caked on mess.
  • Use a clean makeup sponge (a disposable wedge or one of those pink egg things) to gently buff and smooth out your foundation, concealer and blush, paying close attention to all edges as you go.
  • Use your favorite No Sweat Foundation to touch up blemishes, worn off areas and around the mouth.  Blend with your sponge, a synthetic makeup brush or your fingers.
  • Apply a little extra foundation or concealer under the eyes to highlight the center of your face.
  • Lightly dust No Colour Powder over the face (a kabuki brush is great for this step) to set make up and give you a soft, smooth finish.
  • Reapply your blush or bronzer and finish with a touch of highlight powder on the tops of your cheekbones, Face & Body Glo is perfect!
  • Finally, blot off any excess lip conditioner and reapply lip liner and lipstick.

Sunscreen Tip

When applying your sunscreen use the equivalent of a shot glass of sunscreen – that’s around 2 tablespoons to cover your skin from head to toe  read more


Spring’s Best LipStickGloss!

Lipstickgloss Best -No-worries-cosmetisSee the gorgeous shades to stock up on for the season ahead, sophisticated brights and flattering nudes can be tall orders when it comes to lipstick, but spring’s offerings delivered with extras.

This LipStickGloss is infused with moisturizing ingredients so it glides on effortlessly and weightless leaving your lips with a lustrous, beautiful shine with the staying power of lipstain and the shine of gloss to smooth and plump your lips with colour.

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No Worries Cosmetics LipStickGloss – Springs Hottest Look!


No Worries Cosmetics sophisticated Watha LipstickGloss kicks off Spring’s 5 Hottest Looks! A  FROSTY PINK LIP – “Nothing says “spring” like pastel pink,” declares makeup artist Jill Turnbull, founder of No Worries Cosmetics. The key is to keep the hue highly pigmented, a la Brittany Snow, but not heavy. To do this, “start by applying the lipstick, then blotting and reapplying; this builds up color and opacity while removing the base, so you don’t have that caked-up, dated look,” explains Jill. “And keep the rest of your makeup simple – the pink is a statement, so not much color is needed on cheeks and eyes.

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Choose one: Bronzer VS Blush

Bronzer vs blushChoose one: Bronzer VS Blush

If you have a warm skin tone try bronzer, and if you have a cool pale skin tone try       blush. Too much bronzer is a huge no-no for pale skin.

You shouldn’t use too much of ether; keep bronzer and blush lightly to allow for a      bright eye or lip – bronzer pairs well with purples and browns while blush looks    good with pinks.

Always start your blush about two fingers away from your nose and in-between your hair line and eye line. Use bronzer under your cheekbone and highlighter on your actual cheekbone.

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FOUNDATION – Liquid VS Powder

foundation no-worries-cosmeticsFOUNDATION: Liquid VS Powder

1. Choose don’t abuse. Foundation should never be heavy, although if you feel the need to apply more than usual to cover pimples, take this into consideration when choosing the strength of your other products and keep it light.

2. Try not to use both liquid and a powder foundation. if you prefer a matte finish use a powder on top of your liquid.

3. To contour your cheeks, use a matte powder (a few shades darker than your skin tone).

4. Generally choose a foundation one shade darker than your skin tone. If you go lighter you can appear washed out, so make sure to blend down your neck, behind your ears and into your hairline.

Check out our No Sweat Foundation by adding Magic Drops you can take our No Sweat Foundation from a cream and change the opacity to a liquid foundation, personalized for your daily needs. CHECK IT OUT!

Have You Got These 8 Spots Covered?

We know you’re diligently taking our advice and covering and protecting your skin from the sun’s fierce rays.

After all, there is absolutely no good reasons to undo all your hard winter work to keep your skin looking fabulous, now is there?

But there are 8 areas that get overlooked—and cooked—every summer. So we thought we would remind you to protect these areas, especially if you’re on the beach or by the pool, we recommend No Worries Everyday Oil Free Moisturizing SPF 46 Cream for your face and body.

Scalp- This is a common area for skin cancer, believe it or not! Use spray on or powder sunscreens or just a good old-fashioned hat.

Ears- Pre-cancerous lesions show up on the ears, especially on the driver’s side. Sun through a car window is stronger. Keep some sunscreen in your car.

Eyelids- This one really hurts when they get burned. The eye area is the thinnest skin on the body, so this is a real tell taleager.

Swimsuit Edges- Ouch! Apply sunscreen before you put on your swimsuit and give it a chance to dry first.

Neck & Chest- Basal cell and squamous cell cancers love these areas. Liberally apply sunscreen to avoid such nastiness.

Lips, Hands & Feet- Lips can be tricky to cover, but with a bodily internal spread rate of up to 20%, it’s best to be safe. Don’t forget your hands and feet, too.

Now that you’re officially protected, go have fun!

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The Best of Eye Shimmers

shimmer no worries cosmeticsShimmers instantly sexily enhances your eyes, giving you a playful glow. Certain hues like champagne, gold and pearls can instantly awaken tired eyes if swiped all over the lid and dotted around the tear duct. Check out No Worries Cosmetics highly concentrated loose color powder to create a subtle wash of colour or add to Magic Drops for a long lasting intense effect or as eyeliner.  No Worries Cosmetics Shimmers


Moisturizer Application

Apply moist - no-worries-cosmeticsClean your face thoroughly, and while still slightly damp, apply moisturizer using a clean sponge or your fingers. If you are using your hands to apply any makeup products, always wash them thoroughly so you don’t transfer oils and bacteria to your face. Bacteria on the hands or makeup tools often cause breakouts.

* warm your moisturizer between your palms.

* with firm, upward strokes gently press the moisturizer into the skin until it is completely absorbed.

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Finding the Perfect Lipstick Shade!

lipsTo identify the best lip colour, start with clean lips. The perfect neutral shade nude, beige, pink, chocolate, rose or berry will generally be close to in tone to the natural lip colour.  The one that looks good on the face with no other colour, is the one that is the right neutral for everyday. It should not look orange, pink or be ashy. It should enhance the natural lip colour, some women might need more colour which could be richer or darker than neutral. You know that you have found the right colour when it enhances the overall skin tone and makes the eyes pop.

Find your perfect Lip shade