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Written by Jill Turnbull

Whether you are working full time in the field of make up artistry, or whether you are freelancing, the winter holidays can be a lucrative time of year. Parties and celebrations are scheduled throughout the season. Make the most of it!


-Give your card to everyone. Make sure they know you are a make up magician who can transform anyone from work or shopping tired to party ready! (Leave them at hotels, boutiques, gyms, everywhere you go. Include a menu of your services.)

-List all the people in your life who can help you build clientele; the social butterfly you brunch with on Sundays, the PTA mom who knows everybody, that favorite person who comes to your counter for help choosing a foundation color. Give them a brief update of what you can do to help their holidays sparkle.

Make it worth their while:

-Offer free applications for a certain number of recommendations. People love to have acknowledgement that they are connected and popular.

-Discount a service for someone who has done you a favor or has helped you in some way.

Make it easy on you:

-Determining rates and discussing money can be a tough subject with friends and family, so set prices for your services and stick to them

-Show examples of your work that show beautiful makeup on real women. Make them want to put their faces in your capable hands.

-Create a “look book” to help guide clients toward decisions that are best for them. Giving a visual reference will help them decide if their smoky eye is more Mariah Carey or Kim Kardashian. Include a few face chart designs that are quick and easy.

-Have a kit and travel set up that allows you to come into any office or home and give an experience that feels like pampering. Remind them that, “A little liner and some individual lashes can bring you from the kitchen or the cubicle to the cocktail party in seconds!”

-Have fun! Shake up some cocktails. Give a party for a group of ladies. Charge for a mini lessons and application while they have a great time together and bring future clients right to your door.

Happy Holidays, Good Luck, and give yourself the gift of success!