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Secrets of the MakeUp Pro

Baltimore’s Best Makeup Artists

Long Lasting Flawless Makeup! 410 296 8281

How to Select a Foundation –
Confidence is knowing your makeup will stay put when it really counts.
Men’s Grooming
Invisible skincare for men that is easy to use.

Film Credits:
No Worries Artists: Makeup & Hair Jill Turnbull, Makeup Whitney Greenstein, Hair Courtney Johnson, Hair Cody Ferro, Production Assistant Parker Homans & Backstage Footage Peter Johnson.

CimaTalent: Courtney Hejl & Elena Branker, Acela Media Group, Bead Wear, Victor Rossi, Chris & Andrea Taylor, Casey Magor, Amy Gjerde, Fran Finnegan, Sarah Bell, Mitch Datlow, Lauren Mari, Lilly & Daria Abbaei, Kris Seskunas, MacKenzie Gerrity.