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Salon & Services

No Worries Salon & Cosmetics present Baltimore’s Best Makeup Artists – Long Lasting Flawless Makeup! 410 296 8281

We’ll make you feel like your part of the family

When you come to No Worries Salon & Cosmetics we’ll welcome you warmly- whether it’s our first meeting or we’ve known you for years. Our goal is to create a unique relationship with personalty and deeply renewing the image of beauty.

We’ll begin each visit with a thorough consultation.

It’s the foundation to your beauty journey – we believe listening allows us to capture and reveal the personality and beauty of every women, taking into account her skin type, her desires and to compliment her lifestyle. The consultation, that takes place before a service, this is where the artist and client create a vision together, through listening, dialogue, and information about the products and services that will enhance each clients individual beauty.

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