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Skin Flaws

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Fortunately, makeup can go a long way to concealing scars, moles, dark sun spots, or the lightened skin that can result from dermatological treatments. In fact, makeup can take away much of the self-consciousness following facial surgery by covering post-surgical bruising, puffiness, and scars.  They can also aid in concealing non-surgical-related problems such as port wine stains, severe acne scars, or vitiligo.

Makeup works in two ways: by using color theory to diminish the appearance of a scar or other defect, or by completely concealing the problem through a layer of foundation or camouflage makeup.

Colour-WheelColor Theory: The principle behind color theory is that you can tone down one color by covering it with its opposite shade to neutralize or compliment. We have unique a selection of  makeup products that are available in shades that will neutralize common undesirable skin discolorations.  For example,  if you have a scar that has a reddish tone, to neutralize you need to use green tone.  For blue or purple discoloration, such as the bruising that can occur after surgery or during cancer treatment, use a yellow tone.  Deeper brown spots or tones can be neutralized by light based products with pink, lavender or yellow tones.

Contouring a skin flaw by creating highlights and shadows via darker and lighter shades of concealer can also help.   A shade of makeup that is darker than the surrounding skin can appear to reduce the height of a raised scar. A shade that is lighter than the skin around a scar will make a depression look smaller.

Use Green to neutralize Redness

Use Blue to neutralize Orange 

Use Lilac (Violet) to neutralize Yellow 

Use Red (Pink) to neutralize Green 

Use Orange to neutralize Blue

Use Yellow to neutralize (Lilac) Violet

Add a few Magic Drops to the Correct & Camouflage to personalize and change the level of opacity and coverage in an instant in your blend.

Our Correct & Camouflage comes in a cream or powder, use cream first then use powder to set or use ether as a stand alone product for a personal consultation call 410.296.8281.

Foundation: It’s all in the drops! The No Worries  No Sweat Foundation provides the ultimate in coverage. Create the perfect face for any occasion with an easily customizable cream formula that delivers a flawless finish that feels as sheer as a second skin.  No Sweat Foundation seamlessly blends fine lines and skin imperfections for a smooth finish. It is easy to apply and to personalize, you simply add the magic drops to change the level of opacity and coverage in an instant. The No Sweat Foundation can cover almost anything including tattoos, rosacea, birthmarks, vitiligo, pigment disorders and other minor to severe skin flaws.

Your No Sweat Foundation should match your skin tone.  Do not try to correct your overall skin tone by using a darker or lighter foundation — the results will look fake, and you could wind up making your scar or other defect look worse.  For best results, compare the tint to your skin tone in natural light, check out the Shade Selector.

We recommend you apply your foundation with ether a No Worries Foundation brush or your fingers, rather than wiping it on with a sponge.  Dab dots of No Sweat Foundation along your cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin, and then blend into the skin with a circular motion using your fingers, just as you do with your moisturizer.  Be sure to extend the No Sweat Foundation into the hairline, behind your ears, below the jawline and down your neck. Apply No Colour Powder to hold the foundation in place using a powder puff, pat on a generous amount, brush excess off using a makeup brush. Ensures smudge-resistance, and enhances wearability. When you blended well, you should not have a visible line of demarcation anywhere on your face.  Allow five minutes for the foundation to set.

To Finish the Look: Once you have a smooth canvas, you can create the illusion of contours by adding color to the cheekbones or hollows of the face, the nose and forehead, and temples.  Finding the techniques that look best check our our “LEARN” tab.

No Sweat Foundation will change the way you wear makeup up forever!

Age Spots  –  Birthmarks  –  Bruising  –  Dark Under-Eye Circles  –  Freckles  –  Hyper Pigmentation  – Lupus Rash  –   Post Surgical Redness  –  Rosacea  –  Scars  –  Spider Veins  –  Stretch Marks  –  Tattoos  –  Uneven Skin Tones  –  Varicose Veins  –  Vitiligo  –