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Bruising: a bruise will form when something that has impacted your skin breaks blood vessels (capillaries) near the skin’s surface but not your skin. The impact will cause small amounts of blood leakage from the ruptured blood vessels into the tissues under your skin. This usually turns into a black and blue mark. To correct and camouflage skin imperfections choose the perfect shade.

BruiseWe recommend using the shade “Bila” to cover the bruise, or Yellow in Correct & Camouflage prior to applying a blend No Sweat Foundation with no or one Magic Drop as your base apply with a No Worries Foundation Brush to conceal. Apply the neutralizing “Bila” to the bruise by blending it in with the brush over the affected area and feathering out outwards. Avoid applying too much “Bila“; use only as much as is necessary to conceal spot. Allow to set for two minutes before apply your No Sweat Foundation and Magic Drop blend that matches your skin tone over the top.  Apply the foundation blend with a No Worries Foundation Brush or your fingertips and gently dab the makeup over the are of concealment. Do not rub.

Allow the foundation to set for two minutes. Follow up with No Colour Powder to seal and create long-lasting wearability. Gently brush the powder over your face to create a smooth finish.

No Sweat drop mix