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Dark Under-Eye-Circles

Just about everyone has had to deal with dark circles under their eyes. Whether they’re caused by a long night out on the town, allergies, too much sleep, to little sleep, heredity, a shift in hormones or a lengthy period out of the sun, dark circles have a way of appearing at the most inopportune times. Despite the cause, if you don’t have time to treat those dark circles before work or a big date, you need to find a way to conceal them.

To correct or camouflage skin flaws choose you neutralizing shade.

dark circlesApply correct & camouflage prior to your No Sweat Foundation and Magic Drops blend just as you would normally wear to even out your complexion. Blend it as you usually would, without paying any special attention to under the eye. Once your foundation is in place, you should be able to clearly see the dark circles that you need to conceal.

Use “Umum”  straight on the dark circles, applying it in a thin, even coat. This can be accomplished either by using No Worries Foundation brush or by patting it on with your finger.

Pay close attention to the area where your eye meets the bridge of your nose. This area tends to have the darkest circles and may need more “Umum“. Other areas to look at closely are directly under your eye and the outside edge where your eye meets your cheekbone.

Apply No Colour Powder to hold the foundation in place using a powder puff, pat on a generous amount, brush excess off using a makeup brush. Ensures smudge-resistance, and enhances wearability.

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