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Post Surgical Redness

It may seem counter intuitive that a cosmetic procedure would render your skin temporarily unpresentable. Some procedures, including laser resurfacing, turn the treated area red and crusty. This condition is temporary yet you can expect to have redness for one to four months following the procedure, camouflage and make your self feel better until your procedure heals. To correct and camouflage skin imperfections.

post surgical rednessApply to the redness, a blend of Correct & Camouflage prior to your application of No Sweat Foundation with Magic Drops.   For the best results neutralize with yellow undertones in the Correct & Camouflage cream and seal with powder. Place a thin layer of your Correct & Camouflage blend, change the level of opacity and coverage in an instant by adding a few  Magic Drops in your  blend, continue with even strokes to cover the redness.

Allow to set for two minutes before apply your matching skin tone blend of No Sweat Foundation and Magic Drops over the top.  Apply a coat of your skin tone  foundation blend over the neutralizing application with a No Worries Foundation Brush or your fingertips, Do not use to much and gently dab the makeup over the area concealed.  Do not rub, yet continue to blend the foundation into the concealed area until the redness can no longer be seen.

Allow the foundation to set for two minutes. Follow up with No Colour Powder to seal and create long-lasting wearability. Gently brush the powder over your face to create a smooth finish.

Avoid exposure to sunlight. When your doctor tells you that your skin is healed enough to remain outdoors, apply sunscreen. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 we recommend No Worries Oil-Free Moisturizing SPF 46 Cream, continue to use sunscreen for at least three to six months.

Refrain from applying makeup until your skin is healed and it is no longer crusty.

 No Sweat drop mix