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Stretch Marks

Here is the inside scoop on stretch marks and how models get rid of them. These marks plague even the super thin among us. They are caused by sudden expansion of the skin from sudden weight gain and loss, growth spurts, pregnancy. To correct and camouflage your skin imperfections choose the perfect shade to neutralize. 

stretch markFirst match your body’s tone to a No Sweat Foundation shade to the skin surrounding the stretch marks. If you go lighter, you will bring attention to the area. Therefore, if you tan in the summer, you will need a shade that is darker during those months. Prepare the skin by making sure it is free of body lotions and oils.

Using the slender edge of the No Worries Foundation brush, place the No Sweat Foundation straight along the line or groove of the stretch mark by tracing it, you are filling in the crevice.

When you are working with a grouping of marks, start in the center and work out. Use your fingers to stretch the skin and flatten out the mark. Then with patting and dabbing motions, blot the makeup along the pattern of the stretch mark. Do not wipe or smear. Continue until coverage is even.

To keep the coverage in place for up to 12 hours and to keep the makeup from transferring to your clothing, apply No Colour Powder pat on a generous amount using a powder puff, brush excess off using a makeup brush. Ensures smudge-resistance, and enhances wearability, wait about 5 minutes for the makeup to cure.

Depending upon the severity of the stretch marks and the area of the body affected, you will have different levels of success. It should only take a few minutes once you get the process down.

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