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Maybe you have a job interview, a formal dinner or are in the wedding party of a really straight-laced couple. In any event, you want to hide your tattoos.

tatooTo correct and camouflage your skin imperfection choose your perfect shade use a blend of neutralising shades in Correct & Camouflage cream and then set with same shade powder prior to apply your No Sweat Foundation blend.

Pick at least two No Sweat Foundation shades; you can blend them for the best effect. Start by covering the tattooed area with the lightest shade of No Sweat Foundation, then blend with a No Worries Foundation brush around the edges and lightly on top to better match your own skin tone.

To keep the coverage in place for up to 12 hours and to keep the makeup from transferring to your clothing, apply No Colour Powder pat on a generous amount using a powder puff, brush excess off using a makeup brush. Ensures smudge-resistance, and enhances wearability, wait about 5 minutes for the makeup to cure.

LadaleNo Sweat drop mix