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Uneven Skin Tones

So many women are concerned about their skin tone and smoothness on the face. The skin in this area is so susceptible to various problems as compared to the rest of the body. This is because the skin cells we have on our face are more delicate then the other skin cells throughout the body.

uneven skin toneThe first step is to exfoliate with a quality scrub we suggest Micro Dermbrasion Cleanser. After exfoliation is the application of base that should be a BB Cream, which gives excellent, blending. Applying such a base spreads out evenly and can help hide uneven areas on the skin. Then comes the Corrector & Camouflage that can be applied to dark circles around eyes or other dark spots. To correct and camouflage your skin imperfections choose your perfect shade.

Give a delicate look to the face with No Worries Face & Body Glo. Put on a light color “Umum” is awesome for the eyes and then finish with a little No Colour Powder.

Exfoliation gives a radiant look as it peels off all the dull and dead cells from the skin. So a regular exfoliation treatment should be adopted for obtaining a healthy looking andĀ even toned skin.