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Camouflage makeup to even out skin tone is the easiest way to hide the condition or make it less noticeable. Fortunately, full coverage waterproof and smudge-resistant, No Sweat Foundation is the perfect fit providing a matte base for the perfect covering makeup when correctly applied, camouflage vitiligo in a natural looking way.

vitilTo correct or camouflage your skin imperfection choose your perfect shade to neutralise, it should match the undertone of your skin, whether that’s yellow or pink. You may need to mix two colors for an exact match, add a few drops of Magic Drops to personalize and change the level of opacity and coverage in an instant in your blend. Apply application of No Sweat Foundation with your fingers or No Worries Foundation brush to dab or stipple makeup onto depigmented areas. Blend the edges of the depigmented spots in with the surrounding skin. Let the makeup set for three to five minutes. Apply a second layer if needed.

Apply No Colour Powder with powder puff very generously, to reduce shine and even out your skin tone. Press it onto your skin with powder puff, let it set for three to five minutes, then carefully brush off any excess. Ensures smudge-resistance, and enhances wearability.

If one side of your face still looks lighter due to depigmentation, balance it out by applying light colored powder to the other side. For facial vitiligo, you can restore your skin’s natural shading by dusting slightly with Aussie Face & Body Glo onto your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, across your forehead and the middle of your chin. For women, applying eye makeup and lipstick helps lead the eye away from your skin flaws and creates a finished look.

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