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Are you talking about erasing deep wrinkles?

Jill Turnbull

Posted on October 09 2019

Are you talking about erasing deep wrinkles?

The role of at home products maintenance whether or not you choose to see a dermatologist getting a routine about daily skin care is essential. You really need to have a program; it can be simple if you want to have really healthy skin. Protect with a high dose of moisture and some sunblock every day and at night I truly believe you can turn back the clock at least a decade on wrinkles.

Here are our 5 step programs:

  1. Cleanse

Keeping your skin clean and free of dirt bacteria and makeup will go a long way towards keeping it looking fresh. Choose a gentle cleanser that one strip your skin your face shouldn't feel tight after you've washed it.

  1. Exfoliate

As we get older, our skin cells don't turn over as they once did, resulting in rough, uneven, congested and blotchy texture. To speed up cell turnover in and reveal fresher looking skin you need to give those cells a nudge. One of the first and still the best, at-home exfoliate a few times a week. If you prefer not to scrub, then you can use a mild peeling system unless your skin is super sensitive you can use a mask like treatment a skin polisher there are products with glycolic acid that warms up on your face and is gentle enough for daily use.

  1. Restore

A dizzy number of antioxidants seem to take turns on this hot and favourite list each promising to reverse the damage already done and to perform other skin saving miracles. Slap on a serum, a rich cocktail delivering potent doses of skin-fixing vitamins. You want an antioxidant-rich product, such as No Worries Anti-Aging Serum. Studies have shown that antioxidants can help boost skins defense damaging free radicals at night nothing has been proven to restore your skin like prescription Retin-A. It has withstood the test of time (as well as clinical testing) and consistently works to improve skin tone, texture and even help build collagen. You can get drugstore products that contain retinol, but they aren't as potent as the prescription version. You can't use Retin-A every night, every other is suggested so switch off with a night cream that will really make a difference in the morning. My favorite includes the No Worries Anti-Aging Skin Smoother.

  1. Moisture

When skin is dry even the finest lines look like wrinkles that are etched deep into the skin a very aging look for sure. By adding moisture to your skin, you can temporarily plump up your skin helping to make it look dewy and more youthful. Moisturizers that cost a mint such as those celebrity favorites are wonderfully luxurious, but you can also get good results from less pricey products one of my personal favorites which is raw shea butter. Whenever someone complains to me about the high price of skin care I tell him about shea butter I love it! A little bit goes a long way you it's for sure you’re to your daily multitask moisturizer. You can use it before your SPF application or after. We suggest  Hydra.Nourish

  1. Protect

If your moisturizer doesn't include a sunscreen add one to your routine sunscreen you need at least an SPF 30 every day is essential not only for preventing skin cancer but also for defending against the UV damage that leads to the signs of aging. If you're going on vacation, planning to play a lot of tennis, golf or doing water sports splurge on an SPF 60 it provides peak efficacy blocking short UVA as well as UVB rays. If you decide to have a peel, dermabrasion, or laser resurfacing to get rid of brown spots, stay out of the sun or slather on even more sunscreen. Without protection, those dark pigment spots you paid good money to eradicate are going to come right back. Your skin is smart, and it remembers them. After 15 minutes in the sun without the correct protection those pigment spots are going to reappear. Our go to sunscreen is Everyday Oil-Free Moisturizing SPF 46 Cream formulated for the Australian sun. 

Okay so now you have a pretty good idea of what you can do to fight back against wrinkles.

Here are a few little extra add-ons:

If you have crow's-feet you can try Botox it will relax the lines and if they aren't too deep this may be enough to make them nearly disappear wait a couple of weeks after a Botox injection, if the lines still bother you, your doctor can use an injectable filler such as Restylane or CosmoDerm to plump them up.


If you have frown lines you can try Botox also the protocol is pretty much the same as for crow's feet. You need to relax the muscles to keep you from furrowing, then fill any remaining deep then feel any remaining deeper lines with one of the fillers.


If you have smile lines you could try a collagen filler such as such as CosmoDerm, Restylane, or Zyderm. To plump up these lines on the sides of your mouth, doctors will use a layering technique. This adds volume and gives long-lasting results and you get a really nice smile.


If you have neck jowls you could try Botox plus Thermage which is a noninvasive treatment that uses radio frequencies, which helps tighten the skin by inducing the collagen contraction and promoting new collagen growth. Expensive and although it promises that you'll get back the real you there's no guarantee that either it or Botox will take a true turkey neck.


If you have lip lines, try Fraxel laser or a filler such as Restylane or CosmoDerm. The non-ablative laser can help erase lines as it resurfaces your skin. The filler can help plump them up, so they aren't as noticeable.


You have dark spots or uneven skin tone the you can't conceal with foundation, try microdermabrasion or chemical peel. Mild cases might see improvement as these relatively easy treatments remove a few layers of your skin. More serious spots will require laser resurfacing.


If you have broken capillary, try a laser treatment these spidery little clusters that often show up around your nose and cheeks can be zapped away quickly with a laser.

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