Where it all began

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a little house beside a slow-moving creek, with beautiful gum trees, which danced to the whispers of warm breezes.The house sat just outside a small town in the Country Island called Australia.

After several years in the southern regions of Australia the father and mother decided that they would travel to the northern territories. There the little girl noticed dramatic changes in the landscape, she was overwhelmed by the power of the ocean. Blues and greens bubbling into a white lather and then exploding into spray. Not far from the sea the landscape began to change significantly. Magnificent mountain ranges enveloped by exotic trees left her breathless and excited. On the other side of the ranges the land seemed to change its mind again. Stretched out in front of her lay miles of dry arid desert outback, where the aborigines go walkabout. The strong contrasts of colors and textures the landscape provided made a great impression on the little girl.

You see, this little girl had an innate understanding and appreciation for color, light and all things visual. Little did anyone know at the time that this little girl would grow to travel the world from Europe to Tibet, and be recognized as an accomplished leader in the industry of fashion and styling. After years of teaching around the globe, writing columns forfashion magazines and having the best in the industry available to her, she has decided to go back to the visual impressions of her childhood.

She has produced a line of high quality cosmetics reflecting the mystical colors of the Australian earth. The name of this cosmetic line is a short phrase commonly used in Australia, it is a phrase that may come to one on a warm beautiful day by a slow-moving creek as they watch the gum trees dance.   

No Worries!

Our philosophy is one we learned from the aboriginal people of Australia! With their wisdom of finding the natural beauty in all things, we have created a line that reflects how beauty is simple, easy & with No Worries!