Corrector Camouflage Cream

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Disguise skin imperfections with No Worries Cosmetics Corrector Camouflage Cream.

Utilizing the powder of opposites on the colour wheel, our lightweight, breathable concealer is the perfect skin neutralizer. 

Whether you want to conceal blemishes, correct uneven skin tone or hide dark circles, our Corrector Camouflage Cream is your new go-to miracle product.

The creamy-smooth long-lasting formula won't settle into lines or pores, providing the perfect waterproof, sweat and humidity-resistant finish.

Apply No Sweat Anti-Shine Foundation over the top for an enviable second skin finish.

How to Use

Use Green to neutralize Redness
Use Blue to neutralize Orange  Use Lilac (Violet) to neutralize Yellow  Use Red (Pink) to neutralize Green  Use Orange to neutralize Blue Use Yellow to neutralize (Lilac) Violet

For complete coverage of skin imperfections, apply Corrector Camouflage Cream, allow to settle, then apply No Sweat Foundation directly over the top. Finish with No Colour Powder to ensure longevity and your formula provides a natural matte finish and all day wear.

1. Apply directly with concealer brush to trouble spots, tap with fingertips to blend softly. When applying to eye area and to enhance dimension under eye area in a triangle from corner of eye down side of nose, blend really well into skin.
2. apply foundation directly over top, then spot apply camouflage to areas that need extra coverage.


What else you need to know:
These products were not tested on animals

Cream Colors
Pale Yellow Cream
Yellow Cream
Orange Cream
Red Cream
Violet Cream
Blue Cream
Green Cream

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