Keratin Personality Conditioner

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Conditioner pH value 4.5 – 5.0
Rejuvenating keratin protein from the wool of Australian sheep.

• Salt and Sulfate Free
• A must for maintaining keratin smoothing treatments
• Repairs damaged porous split ends
• Stabilises hair structure
• Color safe for all hair types

There are several advantages
to using keratin protein derived
 from sheep’s wool. The keratin is almost identical to the keratin present in skin and hair, and so can naturally bind and interact with skin and hair and impart a range of benefits.
Other proteins do not have the same structure as the hair and skin they are trying to improve, and so are much less effective.
As keratin is removed in an intact form from pure wool, the properties are retained.
Collagen or vegetable proteins are typically hydrolyzed in order to extract them, and in doing this they lose any form or function that may have been useful in hair and skin applications.
The fact that keratin is obtained from wool, a fiber very similar to human hair, has obvious benefits in hair and skin care applications

• Wash the hair with Keratin Personality Shampoo
• Distribute conditioner evenly onto damp hair
• Leave for 2-3 minutes
• Rinse well




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