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Magic Drops

Have you ever wanted to customize your favorite foundation or any beauty product in your makeup bag? Our drops are your magic potion!




Have you ever wanted to customize the opacity of your favorite foundation or any beauty product you have in your makeup bag?

No Worries Cosmetic Magic Drops is your new magic potion.

With a drop or three you can easily change the opacity of your foundation to light, medium, or full coverage. creamy lightweight texture to its water, sweat and humidity-resistant wear.

Our magic drops encompass what makeup (No Worries Cosmetics) is all about, personalizing! The ability to customize is in your hands with this magic product! 

Personalize your Foundation blend by adding No Worries Revolutionary Magic Drops

  • Foundation = Concealer (Full Coverage)
  • Foundation + 1 drop  = Cream Foundation (Medium Coverage)
  • Foundation + 2 drops = Liquid Foundation (Light Coverage)
  • Foundation + 3 drops = Tinted Foundation (Sheer Coverage)

Seal in you're No Sweat Anti-Shine Foundation and stay shine free all day by adding No Colour Powder.  You can also add to your Eye Shadow or Shimmers to create eyeliner or a more intense result or for waterproofing.

Start with your No Sweat Foundation

  • Scoop out small amount of No Sweat Anti-Shine Foundation (about the size of a pea or penny depending on skin condition)
Mix in Magic Drops
  • Add 1-3 Magic Drops (depending on desired coverage level) with No Sweat Anti-Shine Foundation to create a personalized blend; blend in palm of hand or on a palette
Apply Personalized Blend to face
  • Apply dot of Foundation nose, cheeks, borders of face and chin; blend with fingers or foundation brush; start at nose, stippling your foundation blend inward towards center
  • Blend across forehead and into the hairline
  • Dot foundation under your jawline, blend upwards to 'connect' the product and reduce chance of creasing
  • Blend all over face using any excess product to deal with problem areas. This distributes the foundation blend evenly
  • Lightly Buff in small circular motions using fingers or brush to blur imperfections and remove any excess product
Lock in Your Foundation
  • Apply No Colour Powder to enhance its performance and create long-lasting wearability. Pat on generous amount. Brush excess off with a Kabuki brush.